Concept Development

Sketching Ideas

Now that I have developed a concept collage, I have a clear perception of what elements and characteristics I want to manipulate in my design.

I am inspired by geometrical shapes, when it comes to deciding the form of my furniture piece, sharp edges and intersecting lines. These will form the base of my design.
elementsInitially, I started sketching some ideas for storage mediums using different shapes like cubes, diamonds, cuboids, pentagons and hexagons. These are inspired from the net hammock and steel framework shown in the collage. All my sketches are made on paper using different pencil weights. I clearly want to incorporate comfortable seating arrangements with functional and practical storage designs.

developingOnce I had a rough decision on what type of structural components I would be using, I started developing possible framework for the furniture purpose that I imagined. I want my design to incorporate both comfort and function to create a book readers’ paradise where there is storage possibilities as well as ergonomically correct seating and relaxing opportunities. sketchI created few different designs which can be developed further for my final piece. Each having different vibes to them. I created two sofa ideas which, at instant look, can be differentiated from one an other because of their difference in style. One is extremely contemporary and minimalistic where as the other is more homely and welcoming.

One of the designs constitutes of a hammock as well, which is a direct inclusion from the collage. I have experimented with different storing facilities , such as shelves, drawers, framework boxes and pull out cabinets.

My favourite development however, is the structure which incorporates a hanging bench which is highly inviting and intriguing to any viewer. It is the ideal way to display comfort and incorporate modern and sleek storage features as well.

One of the questions I ask myself while designing is whether I would buy the piece  that I am creating.  When I sketched this particular design, my answer was definitely yes. I would like to further develop and experiment with this design to see what more possibilities lie outside the restrictions.

Concept Development

Inspirational Collage

collage image

Before jumping into designing, it is very important to develop a concept which can form the base of all design details in stages later on.

So, I have constructed a collage using multiple images and altering them as I felt necessary. Different people have different perceptions of collages but here is my interpretation of the composition that I created.

For my Sit+Store furniture piece, I am inspired to create a unit that accommodates books, magazines and any sort of reading material while providing a relaxing and comfortable seating area. The most essential and integral part of my furniture would be the comfort that it offers and hence the main subject of my collage is a woman relaxing on a hammock, reading a book. This depicts that she is comfy in her position and enjoying her book as well. This also gives me possible ideas of mixing elements that can allow both sitting and lying down.

When it comes to the actual constructional components of the furniture, I am attracted towards geometrical shapes with sharp edges but intend to create an overall soft and inviting look. This inspiration can be seen in multiple fragments of the collage and forms the back bone of the design production.

It is also very easy to derive the colours from the collage. On instant notice, a person can judge that the colour palette leans towards a monochromatic scheme with pops of hues laid over top of the final piece.  It depicts smooth material choices like wood, plastic and chrome and maybe even a few natural resources.

In conclusion, the collage triggers a feeling of relaxation while portraying possible design elements as well. It shows unity in it’s composition and steers the mind of the viewer to a certain style and concept of designing.

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I am thinking of using a neutral colour scheme with a pop of colour to add character to the furniture unit. I think a neutral colour scheme give a classic look and style like no other. These simple colours accentuate the structure and construction of the furniture and highlight the form rather than bringing attention to anything else. This can be achieved more through my stuctural materials while the upholstery could  incorporate accent colour in the furniture.

You can have a look at the possible materials choices to relate more to the colour palette.

The accent colours could include rich, subtle colours that enhance the design but also produce a claming vibe rather than using neon bright hues.

Different colours can give a different vibe and so I must choose a colour relevant to my design.


These colours provide a more elegant and iconic visual and would be my choice of accent colours if the constuction of my design is more sophisticated and luxurious.


However, if the layout and build of my furniture is more modernistic and experimental, I think brighter playful colours would compliment the design and add to the visual impact.



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I envision a modern and unconventional structure paired with strong and durable materials for my sit+store furniture piece.

I have 2 ideas for the furniture unit. I will either use cherry or maple wood for the main bulk of the structure or if I want more of a flowy and flexible design, I would definitely opt for plastic as it is much easier to manipulate.

Maple can add a light colour to the furniture which provides a clean and crisp look.  A material like wood (especially maple) is known for its immense strength and hardness and can guarantee durability. Plastic on the other side is also extremely robust and has a long shelf life. Apart from that, it is also artificially produced and easily mouldable which could be of great value. My design could go completely two separate ways depending on the material I choose. Where wood will make my furniture look comfortable and welcoming, plastic can seem more interesting, modern and artsy.

If other additional adornment is required in my design, I would definitely use chrome and glass because it can transform any composition to a more glamorous and contemporary look. I think the transparency of glass and reflective nature of chrome gel well together and can create a twist in the final product.

As for furnishing, I want a more comfortable look rather than something luxurious as I intend my furniture piece to be used regularly. I am personally attracted towards microfiber fabrics and cotton/polyester blends. These are durable and extremely soft. Leather might also be an alternative option.


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Form of an object is what defines the structural appearance of it. For a piece of furniture to stand out, unique forms can be used.  This is what differentiates an  average piece of furniture from a designer item.

For my particular ideas, I am inspired by flowing continuous pieces as well and edgy and sharp lines. My aim is to create a furniture unit which is captivating and not just comfortable and easy to use, but a piece of artwork to be admired as well. Creating depth can transform a 2D bland design into an appealing and attractive 3D tangible object.

I want my design to be distinctive and these images inspire me to create something which might incorporate curves and fluidity or jagged sharp lines with soft edges.Use of abstract shapes would also be complimentary to this kind of design.

Experimentation with geometric shapes can also lead to a very interesting design and form of any object. I might have repetitive features and patterned elements as well.

Bear in mind that these are just initial thoughts and reactions to the design brief and might change during the actual designing process.

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For my Digital Skills module, I will be designing a Sit+ Store furniture item to be used at home or in a work place. Before actually designing , it is important to collect ideas in the form of visual material to assist with design development.

Before thinking about aesthetics of a product it is important to consider the functional aspects and requirements. I absolutely love reading and thought it would be a great idea to create a furniture item which stores books and magazines while also being a comfortable seating area.

Anthropomentry figures
Dancmacleod, (2006), Anthropometry Figures [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 5 March 2017]

It is important to understand the ergonomic dimensions for seating purposes to create a successful and comfortable seating area.

As well as seating, the furniture will also accommodate items and so reaching to them should also be easy while avoiding and funny and awkward body postures.

Dimensions of the hand and feet also come in very handy while designing a furniture unit which involves contact with them.


Image Resource: Pinterest, (2005), Human Dimensions in Space [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 5 March 2017]

It is crucial to get the functional needs of furniture sorted out while designing. Looking at human dimensions in space can give an idea of how the human body moves and interacts with things around it. This needs to be a natural experience without requiring much effort by the user. The function of the furniture should almost be over looked by the user as it is a basic need.

Once the designed furniture is comfortable for a person’s long time use, then we move onto making it visually appealing as well. A few factors  can help achieve that such as colour, material and form



Digital Applications: Collaborate- Slide Share


Collaboration can help productivity, encourage new and improved ideas and provide an interactive means of sharing our work. It promotes interaction between the audience and the creator which is an extremely important requirement in the interior design field.

I recently used slide share and found access to information quite effortless. One of the biggest advantages of the application is also the huge file size that can be uploaded .The communication takes place through comments which are very easy to keep track of through notifications. People can communicate regardless of their location. The interface of the application is simple and easy to navigate.

It also works on all devices such as laptops phones and tablets. Data uploaded in the form of slides ensures location of all information at one place and eliminates any hassle when searching for files.

I think it is a very helpful application as sharing of opinions can be a demand in the design process and this medium enables us to reach maximum viewers. I would definitely use slide share as a creator and also as a reader.

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