Digital Applications: Create- VectorWorks

Out of the many applications available to help with the creation of professional design content, I chose to assess the features of vector works, as it is a completely new software to me. 

I have had previous experience with AutoCAD, and I must mention that this has helped me enormously while getting acquainted with vector works. My initial thoughts after the software opened up one start the interface looked a little over spilled with buttons. The icons were cluttered all over the screen and so the information seemed a little overwhelming. Although, I think this works to it’s advantage, because I was able to construct 2D drawings with ease as the tools were very easy to find. I also extruded my drawings and was able to switch between different views; plan, isometric,etc.

One thing I noticed was that many commands have to be accessed through drop down menus which can elongate the creation process if one does not know keyboard shortcuts, however for each command used, the software always informed me what the shortcut was.

I also watched YouTube tutorials to help me understand the software a bit better and I was able to guide myself through simple tasks following it.

Vector works is a good alternative for AutoCAD and can help produce 2-D and 3-D drawings of plans, furniture, etc. It also offers lighting and rendering features which are extremely handy to produce visuals. I would still continue to use AutoCAD because I already know the ropes of it but I am sure, with a little bit of training and practice, vector works would be a great asset to my skill set.

Image Reference: VectorWorks, (2016), VectorWorks Logo [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 2 March 2017].

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