Digital Applications:Coordinate-Pinterest & Dropbox


In the design field of work, digital files are used commonly and the amount of files produced can be overwhelming. Good management and organization of these intangible pieces of work can often be a key influence to the success of a project.

Pinterest is an application which helps coordinate and manage image files as well as provide a medium to share our work with the audience. It is fairly simple to use and does not require much practice to get used to the icons. It also allows searching of other peoples work which can be inspirational. Uploading and editing of pictures is straightforward and is as easy to access from a mobile as it is from a laptop. 

One application that covers a wide range of file types is Dropbox. I was new to this application and unaware of its existence. It has proved to be most helpful and useful. The set up is very easy and files can be uploaded effortlessly. In situations when we do not have our work in a flash drive or do not have access to our work, Dropbox can be of great help if you have Internet access and a computer. Access into your work files is also password-protected so it is also a very safe application. It is definitely an application which I will continue to use in the future.

Image Reference: SEAGATE, (2014), Dos and Don’ts for Organising Your Digital Files [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 2 March 2017]

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