I am thinking of using a neutral colour scheme with a pop of colour to add character to the furniture unit. I think a neutral colour scheme give a classic look and style like no other. These simple colours accentuate the structure and construction of the furniture and highlight the form rather than bringing attention to anything else. This can be achieved more through my stuctural materials while the upholstery could  incorporate accent colour in the furniture.

You can have a look at the possible materials choices to relate more to the colour palette.

The accent colours could include rich, subtle colours that enhance the design but also produce a claming vibe rather than using neon bright hues.

Different colours can give a different vibe and so I must choose a colour relevant to my design.


These colours provide a more elegant and iconic visual and would be my choice of accent colours if the constuction of my design is more sophisticated and luxurious.


However, if the layout and build of my furniture is more modernistic and experimental, I think brighter playful colours would compliment the design and add to the visual impact.



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