I envision a modern and unconventional structure paired with strong and durable materials for my sit+store furniture piece.

I have 2 ideas for the furniture unit. I will either use cherry or maple wood for the main bulk of the structure or if I want more of a flowy and flexible design, I would definitely opt for plastic as it is much easier to manipulate.

Maple can add a light colour to the furniture which provides a clean and crisp look.  A material like wood (especially maple) is known for its immense strength and hardness and can guarantee durability. Plastic on the other side is also extremely robust and has a long shelf life. Apart from that, it is also artificially produced and easily mouldable which could be of great value. My design could go completely two separate ways depending on the material I choose. Where wood will make my furniture look comfortable and welcoming, plastic can seem more interesting, modern and artsy.

If other additional adornment is required in my design, I would definitely use chrome and glass because it can transform any composition to a more glamorous and contemporary look. I think the transparency of glass and reflective nature of chrome gel well together and can create a twist in the final product.

As for furnishing, I want a more comfortable look rather than something luxurious as I intend my furniture piece to be used regularly. I am personally attracted towards microfiber fabrics and cotton/polyester blends. These are durable and extremely soft. Leather might also be an alternative option.


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