Concept Development

Inspirational Collage

collage image

Before jumping into designing, it is very important to develop a concept which can form the base of all design details in stages later on.

So, I have constructed a collage using multiple images and altering them as I felt necessary. Different people have different perceptions of collages but here is my interpretation of the composition that I created.

For my Sit+Store furniture piece, I am inspired to create a unit that accommodates books, magazines and any sort of reading material while providing a relaxing and comfortable seating area. The most essential and integral part of my furniture would be the comfort that it offers and hence the main subject of my collage is a woman relaxing on a hammock, reading a book. This depicts that she is comfy in her position and enjoying her book as well. This also gives me possible ideas of mixing elements that can allow both sitting and lying down.

When it comes to the actual constructional components of the furniture, I am attracted towards geometrical shapes with sharp edges but intend to create an overall soft and inviting look. This inspiration can be seen in multiple fragments of the collage and forms the back bone of the design production.

It is also very easy to derive the colours from the collage. On instant notice, a person can judge that the colour palette leans towards a monochromatic scheme with pops of hues laid over top of the final piece.  It depicts smooth material choices like wood, plastic and chrome and maybe even a few natural resources.

In conclusion, the collage triggers a feeling of relaxation while portraying possible design elements as well. It shows unity in it’s composition and steers the mind of the viewer to a certain style and concept of designing.

Images used in collage:
1.Princess in the Tower, (2015), Reading, Audiobooks & Apps [ONLINE]. Available at:  [Accessed 14 March 2017]
2.fineartamerica, (2017), Contest – Art photography Must contain a shape Rectangle square triangle or any straight line image [ONLINE]. Available at: l [Accessed 14 March 2017].
3.GRAPHICTWISTER, (2015), White Raw Curved Wooden Texture [ONLINE]. Available at:  [Accessed 14 March 2017], (2014), Form, Shape, Space wallpaper [ONLINE]. Available at:  [Accessed 14 March 2017], (2016), Contemporary Stylish Sofa Seat Levitating Above Books DesignRulz [ONLINE]. Available at:  [Accessed 14 March 2017]

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