Concept Development

Sketching Ideas

Now that I have developed a concept collage, I have a clear perception of what elements and characteristics I want to manipulate in my design.

I am inspired by geometrical shapes, when it comes to deciding the form of my furniture piece, sharp edges and intersecting lines. These will form the base of my design.
elementsInitially, I started sketching some ideas for storage mediums using different shapes like cubes, diamonds, cuboids, pentagons and hexagons. These are inspired from the net hammock and steel framework shown in the collage. All my sketches are made on paper using different pencil weights. I clearly want to incorporate comfortable seating arrangements with functional and practical storage designs.

developingOnce I had a rough decision on what type of structural components I would be using, I started developing possible framework for the furniture purpose that I imagined. I want my design to incorporate both comfort and function to create a book readers’ paradise where there is storage possibilities as well as ergonomically correct seating and relaxing opportunities. sketchI created few different designs which can be developed further for my final piece. Each having different vibes to them. I created two sofa ideas which, at instant look, can be differentiated from one an other because of their difference in style. One is extremely contemporary and minimalistic where as the other is more homely and welcoming.

One of the designs constitutes of a hammock as well, which is a direct inclusion from the collage. I have experimented with different storing facilities , such as shelves, drawers, framework boxes and pull out cabinets.

My favourite development however, is the structure which incorporates a hanging bench which is highly inviting and intriguing to any viewer. It is the ideal way to display comfort and incorporate modern and sleek storage features as well.

One of the questions I ask myself while designing is whether I would buy the piece  that I am creating.  When I sketched this particular design, my answer was definitely yes. I would like to further develop and experiment with this design to see what more possibilities lie outside the restrictions.


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