Model Animation

Apart from using technical drawings, images and gifs, I have also created animation videos. These help in visualizing the actual product at a different level as it gives an insight into the structure and construction of the model. Visual aid is always very important in any art project and the following videos will give life to my sit + store project.



Digital Model

web-gif-ssNow that I have come to the realization part of the project, I have created a digital model to make understanding and visualizing my furniture design easier.

Before I started thinking about material application, I constructed the model with simple components which included both additive and subtractive elements. The modelling of the furniture was easy and quick as it includes repetitive units and a lot of stacking application.

This collage shows a perspective view of the model as well as the front and back. I also created a gif to aid with comparing both front and back of the model with ease.


The materials, as mentioned earlier, are wood, fabric and jute. All these are natural materials that provide a homely vibe while incorporating the modernistic simplicity of contemporary design.


As seen in the technical drawings, the furniture design also includes a swinging bench with enough room to swing without disruptance from surrounding elements.


Here is a collage of the model including shadow and material applications from different perspectives.


Digital Applications: Collaborate- Slide Share


Collaboration can help productivity, encourage new and improved ideas and provide an interactive means of sharing our work. It promotes interaction between the audience and the creator which is an extremely important requirement in the interior design field.

I recently used slide share and found access to information quite effortless. One of the biggest advantages of the application is also the huge file size that can be uploaded .The communication takes place through comments which are very easy to keep track of through notifications. People can communicate regardless of their location. The interface of the application is simple and easy to navigate.

It also works on all devices such as laptops phones and tablets. Data uploaded in the form of slides ensures location of all information at one place and eliminates any hassle when searching for files.

I think it is a very helpful application as sharing of opinions can be a demand in the design process and this medium enables us to reach maximum viewers. I would definitely use slide share as a creator and also as a reader.

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Digital Applications:Coordinate-Pinterest & Dropbox


In the design field of work, digital files are used commonly and the amount of files produced can be overwhelming. Good management and organization of these intangible pieces of work can often be a key influence to the success of a project.

Pinterest is an application which helps coordinate and manage image files as well as provide a medium to share our work with the audience. It is fairly simple to use and does not require much practice to get used to the icons. It also allows searching of other peoples work which can be inspirational. Uploading and editing of pictures is straightforward and is as easy to access from a mobile as it is from a laptop. 

One application that covers a wide range of file types is Dropbox. I was new to this application and unaware of its existence. It has proved to be most helpful and useful. The set up is very easy and files can be uploaded effortlessly. In situations when we do not have our work in a flash drive or do not have access to our work, Dropbox can be of great help if you have Internet access and a computer. Access into your work files is also password-protected so it is also a very safe application. It is definitely an application which I will continue to use in the future.

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Digital Applications: Communicate- Power Point & Instagram


After the production of our designs, it is also very important to be able to present it to our clients in an organized and thoughtful manner. This can be done by Microsoft PowerPoint which is one of many digital applications that can do so. 

The user interface is not cluttered at all which I appreciate, as it seems very organized and easily accessible. The tool bars are  straightforward and each feature is easy to understand. The layout is simple and one can figure out which icon to click for whatever task they need to perform. Other than fulfilling the functional needs of creating a slideshow presentation, PowerPoint also offers pre-made design themes which can help transform a bland presentation into a creative, attractive and gripping piece of work. There are a lot of animation options available as well which adds a touch of flourish to the final product.

Creating the presentation is just the initial step and sharing it with the audience is the second. Facebook and Twitter are famous social media platform but I recently tried out Instagram as it is also very popular among people. It has self-explanatory Icons which are portrayed with easy to understand symbols on the entire navigation process is very simple. It is easy to keep track of posts, yours and of those who you follow and easy to upload image and short videos as well. It was very easy to get comfortable with the application from day one as it is very user-friendly. This application can help a designer share his work with  not only his clients and employers, but with anyone in any part of the world.

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