Model Animation

Apart from using technical drawings, images and gifs, I have also created animation videos. These help in visualizing the actual product at a different level as it gives an insight into the structure and construction of the model. Visual aid is always very important in any art project and the following videos will give life to my sit + store project.




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Form of an object is what defines the structural appearance of it. For a piece of furniture to stand out, unique forms can be used.  This is what differentiates an  average piece of furniture from a designer item.

For my particular ideas, I am inspired by flowing continuous pieces as well and edgy and sharp lines. My aim is to create a furniture unit which is captivating and not just comfortable and easy to use, but a piece of artwork to be admired as well. Creating depth can transform a 2D bland design into an appealing and attractive 3D tangible object.

I want my design to be distinctive and these images inspire me to create something which might incorporate curves and fluidity or jagged sharp lines with soft edges.Use of abstract shapes would also be complimentary to this kind of design.

Experimentation with geometric shapes can also lead to a very interesting design and form of any object. I might have repetitive features and patterned elements as well.

Bear in mind that these are just initial thoughts and reactions to the design brief and might change during the actual designing process.

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