Digital Applications: Communicate- Power Point & Instagram


After the production of our designs, it is also very important to be able to present it to our clients in an organized and thoughtful manner. This can be done by Microsoft PowerPoint which is one of many digital applications that can do so. 

The user interface is not cluttered at all which I appreciate, as it seems very organized and easily accessible. The tool bars are  straightforward and each feature is easy to understand. The layout is simple and one can figure out which icon to click for whatever task they need to perform. Other than fulfilling the functional needs of creating a slideshow presentation, PowerPoint also offers pre-made design themes which can help transform a bland presentation into a creative, attractive and gripping piece of work. There are a lot of animation options available as well which adds a touch of flourish to the final product.

Creating the presentation is just the initial step and sharing it with the audience is the second. Facebook and Twitter are famous social media platform but I recently tried out Instagram as it is also very popular among people. It has self-explanatory Icons which are portrayed with easy to understand symbols on the entire navigation process is very simple. It is easy to keep track of posts, yours and of those who you follow and easy to upload image and short videos as well. It was very easy to get comfortable with the application from day one as it is very user-friendly. This application can help a designer share his work with  not only his clients and employers, but with anyone in any part of the world.

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