Digital Applications: Collaborate- Slide Share


Collaboration can help productivity, encourage new and improved ideas and provide an interactive means of sharing our work. It promotes interaction between the audience and the creator which is an extremely important requirement in the interior design field.

I recently used slide share and found access to information quite effortless. One of the biggest advantages of the application is also the huge file size that can be uploaded .The communication takes place through comments which are very easy to keep track of through notifications. People can communicate regardless of their location. The interface of the application is simple and easy to navigate.

It also works on all devices such as laptops phones and tablets. Data uploaded in the form of slides ensures location of all information at one place and eliminates any hassle when searching for files.

I think it is a very helpful application as sharing of opinions can be a demand in the design process and this medium enables us to reach maximum viewers. I would definitely use slide share as a creator and also as a reader.

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